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Shot sleeves

Efficient equipment to where casting begins

cooling shot sleeve

Cooling system;

Biggest problems of foundries are discontinuances. To prevent several problems, an internal cooled shot sleeve is a great helper. Thermoregulation helps to reduce wearings and geometric distortions. Homogenious cooling system increases shot quantities up to %100 with shrink ring and through channels.

Cooling system advantages;

  • Plunger tip lifetime
  • Distortion (banana form) resistance
  • Pouring zone intermetallic compound strength
  • Sustainable and durable high pressure die casting process

This brief sketch includes a few basic advantages of cooled shot sleeves. UKD MAKİNA also produces non-cooling shot sleeves and plunger rods. We kindly invite you to contact with UKD MAKİNA for best solutions at Istanbul Turkey.